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I can handle any system that oracle supports. Unix systems have my preference because I like to solve problems in an easy way, something that is not always possible on windows systems. If for some reason you tend to by a windows system because of the price or because your staff can't handle a system without a mouse, take an Apple xserve into consideration. Their prices are worth taking a good look and ofter better than those of Dell.
RS6000AIX 5.2Oracledba
Sun V880Solaris 9Oracle 9idba
ibm(compatibles)Linux redhatoracle 10gdba/sa
ibm(compatibles)Linux suseoracle 9idba/sa
Apple xserveMac-os Xoracle 10gdba
EscalaAIXOracledba / systemprogrammer / system administrator
RS6000AIX 3.5Oracledba / systemprogrammer / system administrator
RS6000AIX 4.1Oracledba / system administrator
RS6000AIX 4.2Oracledba / system administrator
RS6000AIX 4.3Oracledba / system administrator
Sun Tsparc 1000SolarisOracledba / system administrator
SunSolaris 5.7Oracle 8.1.5dba
Sun E10000Solaris 8Oracle 8.1.5dba
Sun E10000Solaris 8Oracle 8.1.6 opsdba
Sun E450Solaris 8Oracle 9i RACdba/sa
Sun V6800Solaris 10Oracle 9idba
ibm930MVSIDMSinterface designer
ibm(compatibles)Linux united linuxdba/sa
ibm(compatibles)windows 3.11victim
ibm(compatibles)windows 95victim
ibm(compatibles)windows 98victim
ibm(compatibles)windows NT 3.51victim
ibm(compatibles)windowsNT 4victim
ibm(compatibles)windows 2000victim
ibm(compatibles)windows xpvictim
AppleMac-os 7Oracleadvanced user,dba
AppleMac-os 7Omnis-7user, programmer
AppleMac-os 7Codewarriorprogrammer
AppleMac-os 8Codewarriorprogrammer
AppleMac-os 94th dimensionprogrammer
AppleMac-os X4th dimensionprogrammer
HP K420HPUX-11Oracledba/sa
HP V2200HPUX-11-64Oracledba/sa
sequentdynix/pts 4.4.2Oracledba
DPS8GCOS8TP8dba / systemprogrammer
DPS8GCOS8IDS2dba / systemprogrammer
DPS9000GCOS8TP8dba / systemprogrammer
DPS9000GCOS8TP8dba / systemprogrammer
DPX2BOSSprogrammer / administrator
DPX20BOSSprogrammer / administrator

I work on all oracle supported platforms, as long as it runs unix.

Last updated on 26-11-2007
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