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Just playing with css, xhtml and js

This is just a little page to play with. Not very funtional, also not very important. Merely a few css, xhtml and java script tricks. So this has actually very little to do with oracle. Sorry to bother you with this. You can copy the code if you want.


In a current project I have been playing a lot with dbms_scheduler to use it as a replacement for redwood cronnacle. I can tell you it is a really powerfull option that greatly improves the already great value of the oracle rdbms. There are a few unexpected features but it is possible to make it work as a solid scheduler.
In case you are interested in certain aspects of dbms_scheduler, just let me know. Feedback and questions help me make thing better. As a starter I have a little example in the scripts section. See what you can make out of it and if you have questions, feel free to fire them.

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Last updated on 26-11-2007
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