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Many years have passed since I entered the IT arena. In that time I learned a lot and every day I keep learning more. As soon as I think there is no more to learn I will quit. That won't happen, I am quite confident for that. The trick is to try to keep track of newer technical developments and to put them in their perspective and get the most out of it for my customers. Senior has more meanings than just being old fashioned.
This is quite a list going back to 1987. As you see there are lots of different assignments, many using the lastest technologies at their time. It gave me al lot of pleasure to be able to do this. This should give a little impression about me as a pro.

Chronological assignment overview
DateWherePlatformTaskUsed skills
2009Eneco Energieoracle 10gR2, owb 10gR2, Solaris 10, linuxintroduction of ASMowb, sqlplus, pl/sqlciber logo
DbVisualizerxml, sqltweaking DbVisualizerdbvisciber logo
2008Eneco Energieoracle 10gR2, owb 10gR2, redwood jcs, cronacle, Solaris 10Large datacenter move, upgrade main billing system from 9iR2 to 10gR2owb, sqlplus, Redwood Explorer, pl/sqlciber logo
2007Eneco Energieoracle 10gR1, 10gR2, owb 10gR1, owb 10gR2, redwood jcs, cronacle, Solaris 10Upgrade dataware houses, secure server standardsowb, sqlplus, Redwood Explorerciber logo
2006Eneco Energieredwood jcs, cronacleUpgrade redwood cronacleowb, sqlplus, Redwood Explorerciber logo
ministerie van justitiehp-ux oracle 9i, 10gR2 RACdatabase installatie, inrichting, backup recoverygrid control, data-protector, instant recoveryciber logo
Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorgwindows, oracle 10gR1, 10gR2, owb 10gperformance tuning datawarehouse, upgrade van 10gR1 naar 10gR2owb, sqlplus, dbconsoleciber logo
2005enecoSolaris, AIX, HP-UX, oracle 8i,9i, 10gR2performance tuning, upgrades, cronacle dbms_schedulerVeritas I3, grid control, pl/sql, scriptingciber logo
ministerie van justitiehp-ux oracle 9i, 10gR2 RACdatabase installatie, inrichting, backup recoverygrid control, data-protector, instant recoveryciber logo
rijksgebouwendiensthp-ux oracle application server 10ginstalled and configured application serverinstallerciber logo
PANalyticalAIX oracle 8i database, owb 9ifinetuning datawarehousesqlplus, owbciber logo
2004ortopediservicemacosX oracle 10gupgraded windows/oracle 9i database to Apple MacosX/oracle 10ginstaller, sqlplus, exp/impciber logo
asmlsolaris, oracle 8i and 9idatawarehouse and reports tuningsqlplus, tkprof, reportsciber logo
EssentWindows 2003, oracle 8i and 9iimplementation rmanrman, HP dataprotectorciber logo
VroonWindows 2003, oracle 9i-racInstallation configuration 9i-rac, build 9i-rac databaseOracle Universal Installerciber logo
EnecoSolaris-9,linux, oracle 8i, oracle 9i, oracle 10gdba support, baan, Oracle Enterprise Manager, gridcontrol, datawarehousesqlplus, oem, gridcontrolciber logo
FMOSolaris-8, oracle 9 dba support, mavim, prequest, delphi, setup oracle managementsqlplus, oemciber logo
2003SFBgroeptru64, oracle 8i, oracle 9idba support & projects (pview, magic, thispas, ...)sqlplus, oem, rman, pl/sql, curl, failsafe, tcl/tkciber logo
2002De Lage Landen TransleaseHPUX 11, oracle 8 dba supportsqlplus, oem, legato networkerECsoft logo
FMOSolaris-8, oracle 8 dba supportsqlplus, oemECsoft logo
INGSolaris-8, AIX 4.3, oracle 7,8,9 Suncluster 2, HACMP 4dba, define configuration standard 9isqlplus, ksh, perl, oas, ias, rman, adsm, oemECsoft logo
2001INGSolaris-8, AIX 4.3, oracle 7,8,9 Suncluster 2, HACMP 4dba, betatest oracle 9i RAC, design ops databasessqlplus, ksh, perl, oas, ias, rman, adsm, oemECsoft logo
2000INGSolaris-8, AIX 4.3, oracle 7,8 Suncluster 2, HACMP 4dba, design ops databasessqlplus, ksh, perl, oas, ias, rman, adsm, oemECsoft logo
Cycnific/KLM ChordiantHP-UX 10.20, oracle 7.3.4dba/sa tuning, backup/recoverysqlplus, kshECsoft logoQualityPro logo
gr@ddelt internationalSun Solaris 5.7oracle 8.1.5 (8i) installationinstaller, sqlplus, kshQualityPro logo
PSINetSun Solaris 5.7oracle 8.1.5 (8i) installationinstaller, sqlplusQualityPro logo
Salland verzekeringensequent dynix/pts 4.4.2re-vitalising oracle/unix installationksh,awk,imp,exp,c, PRO*C, sql, pl/sqlQualityPro logotresco logo
1999Relan-ICT Formerly CadansAIXImproving unix/oracle to GCOS8/IDSII gatewayc, PRO*C, ksh, sh, packages, triggers, sccs,owas,pl/sql cartridge, htmltresco logo
Quest internationalIBM-sp AIX-4.2Installation gateway oracle/idmsc, PRO*C, ksh, sh, packages, triggers, sccstresco logo
1998F. van Lanschot bankiersRS6000/aix4/oracle 7.3.4, oracle 8.0.5oracle dba/ unix salots and lots including HACMPtresco logo
Quest internationalRS6000/aix4.2/oracle 7.3setting up a Y2K test systemc, PRO*C, ksh, sh, packages, triggers, sccstresco logo
ZwitserlevenRS6000/aix3.5 - 4.1; HP9000/HPUX 10.20 & HPUX 11 /oracle 7.3 - 8Site administrator - oracle DBAservice guard, ksh, awk, plsql, liris, Baan-Coda financials, Business objects, unipas, thispas, orca, ars installation & performance tuningtresco logo
1997ZwitserlevenRS6000/aix3.5 - 4.1/oracle 7.1 - 7.3/progress v6 - v7Site administrator - oracle DBAksh, awk, plsql, liris installation & performance tuningtresco logo
Quest InternationalRS6000/aix3.5/oracle 7.3 - IBM930/MVS/IDMSDesign & implementation gateway between Oracle & IDMS (tcp/ip,ocs, SNA)C, PRO*C, ksh, sh, PLEX, packages, triggers, cobol, sccstresco logo
stichting Nederlandse bibliotheek dienstSun T-sparc 1000/Solaris 4.5Oracle 722 DBA, audit new system, acceleration of conversion processesksh, awk, sed, remote procedures, packages, triggers, modem-pool configurationtresco logo
1996Bull Netherlandsbull-DPX2/BOSS, Escala/aix4.1Programmer/porterC, PRO*C, ksh, sh, sed, awk, sccs, remote procedurestresco logo
v. Dijks studieboekenhuisbull-Escala aix4.1Unix site administratorC, sh, ksh, csh, sed, awk, Baan-triton, tbase, backup, recovery, gateways, performance- tuning/monitoring, remote procedurestresco logo
1993Detambull-Escala aix3.5Oracle dba/system programmerC, sh, ksh, sed, awk, sql, reports, remote procedures, forms, packages, triggers, sccs, change-management, cobol, gmap, TP8tresco logo
1989Detambull-dps8 Gcos8System programmer/ TP-administratorcobol, jcl, ids2, dmIV-tp, gmap, TP8
1988Detambull-dps8 Gcos8Analyst-programmercobol, jcl, ids2, dmIV-tp, gmap, TP8
1987Detam bull-dps8 Gcos8Programmercobol, jcl, ids2

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