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Yes, I am certified

If only customers would know about the program I am sure they would hire better consultants. Too bad many don't know about it and are not known in the oracle universe. I am sorry to see that often they hire the wrong people. A nice suit does not automatically imply that the wearer does know about the task he (or she) is hired for. Not that being OCP tells it all. Anyone can get that certificate. A good job history, and the OCM certificate is different. Both are proof that you really did achieve something.
Oracle Certified Professional since the start of the program. Time is not always on my side so it's hard to tell when the next one will be. Oracle 10g Certified Master oracle 10g certified dba oracle 9i certified dba oracle 8i certified dba oracle 8 certified dba oracle 7 certified dba

Last updated on 05-08-2010
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